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Over the Holiday period I ran a music production course in Nørrebro, CPH where we learned to produce and record songs that the students wrote themselves. It was great to see them be bitten by the music production bug! 


The Core of I.L (Sidsel Christensen, 2017) is a sound installation and performance using an 8.1 speaker setup to create an immersive environment where sound becomes a character in the story being told. Presented in October 2017 at Kunsthall Stavanger. Norway


Lately, I've been teaching Max/Msp to some rather savvy kids in Denmark. They have learned to code their own VJ software that uses sound as a controller to affect both playback and effects. The course was intensive and they made great progress in a short period of time. Great fun!


Love Has no Reason (Julie Born Schwartz, 2014)- Sound Design, Editing and Mixing